A-Reece and Yolophonik release surprise project, The Burning Tree: Remix Deluxe

Written by on 21 April, 2023

Renowned rapper, A-Reece joined forces with producer, Yolophonik to release the ‘remix deluxe’ version of his 2022 project, ‘The Burning Tree’. The original body of work comprises contributions from 25K, Maggz, Jay Jody, Loatinover Pounds and more in songs that are recreated in the new edition of the project.

The project is a remix of A-reece’s 2020 album ‘The Reece Effect Deluxe’, which features guest appearances from several popular South African artists such as Emtee, Wordz, and Krish.

The Burning Tree: Remix Deluxe features 10 tracks, with each song featuring a unique blend of A-reece’s signature rap style and Yolophonik’s soulful, jazzy production. The album is a testament to the versatility and creativity of the two artists, as they seamlessly merge different genres and styles to create a unique sound that is both refreshing and captivating.

This edition includes a brand-new track produced by Sundae Beats titled ‘Bet on Myself’.

The duo hinted no sign of working this deluxe which landed as a surprise project earlier yesterday and is only available on iTunes & YouTube.



  1. A-Reece ft Yolophonik – First Time 4 Everything
  2. A-Reece – Bet On Myself
  3. A-Reece – For My Sanity
  4. A-Reece ft 25K & Jay Jody – Red Dragon
  5. A-Reece ft IMP THA DON – Bellator
  6. A-Reece ft Yolophonik – Can’t Open My Eyez (Yolo Mix)
  7. A-Reece ft Loatinover Pounds & Yolophonik – Live Once (Yolo Mix)
  8. A-Reece ft Maggz – More Than Enough
  9. A-Reece ft Yolophonik – Intentions Interlude (Yolo Mix)
  10. A-Reece – FRIEDay the 13th

Overall, ‘The Burning Tree: Remix Deluxe’ is a welcome addition to A-reece and Yolophonik’s discography, and proof to the power of collaboration and experimentation in music. With its blend of hip-hop influences, the album is sure to appeal to fans of all genres and backgrounds.





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