AKA’S highly anticipated album ‘Mass Country’ has finally dropped

Written by on 24 February, 2023

AKA’s highly anticipated posthumous album ‘Mass Country’ has finally arrived for the masses to consume. The project has been in the works for the past two years and was finally completed about a month ago as he traveled in January to record what we know as ‘Company’ with fellow ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker Kiddomant now known as just KDDO. The song has since received heavy love as it was released in the week where the whole country was mourning for Kiernan and we all needed to honor his legacy and the only way to do it was to walk down memory lane through his catalogue.

The album was AKA’s most passionate body of work as he was not only mostly excited for the release but then he had very big plans to roll out the album such as going on tour with the prominent Gospel choir known as Joyous Celebration unfortunately it can’t now happen as we have all succumbed the heavy loss of the multi-talented AKA. Mass Country initially was meant to be a collaborative project between AKA and Ruff from 1020 Cartel as the SUPAMEGA wanted to infuse the Maskandi sound with Hip-Hop hence the title but unfortunately Ruff just struggled with creating the envisioned by Kiernan so AKA took a different direction with it by collaborating with a variety of established and up and coming producers from across the country from the likes of Christer, Zadok, 031Choppa and many more.

SilkourOnline reports that, each song is a journey into AKA’s life as he was unpacking a lot of things from finding the love of his life to him losing someone significant in his life of which affected how he saw life entirely. He also expresses his spiritual relationship and journey as his love for God was just undying. Mass Country features the likes of Thato Saul on ‘Mbuzi Freestyle’, Emtee and Manana on ‘Crown’, Blxckie on ‘Ease’ with Yanga Chief as well as Dangerous with ‘Nadia Nakai’. He also features Sjava and Baby SON as well as 031Choppa on what he consider ed a summer love single ‘Sponono’. You are bound to be taken on an adventure that Kiernan intended for you to embark on as you learn a lot about him especially his state of mind as he was in a much more positive frame of mind and all he wanted to spread is love and the understanding of how to express it as he was fearless in loving boldly and freely.

This reflects in his relationship with Nadia Nakai as every time he was with her, he loved out loud even with his daughter and he continued to create art for not only his core fans known as the ‘Megacy’ but then for the betterment of his daughter’s life as well as the betterment of the lives of those around him. AKA was one person that would never settle for anything less than what he expected especially when it came to production as he wouldn’t spare a cent just to make sure the production of the body of work is the best of the best hence he got Robbie from Jazzworx to mix and master his Mass Country album as Robbie has done amazing work for many prominent artists in the South African music scene including AKA himself.

That indeed is heard in every detail of the album as you will be moved emotionally, spiritually and mentally by the lyrics and the stories being told especially in ‘Diary’ as he reminisces on the relationship he had with the late Anele Tembe as well as how her family tried pinpointing the whole situation on him to an extent where even an individual that prepped nothing for the funeral took his seat in the reading of the obituary and reflection moment of their encounters with her. He has since found healing in music hence the beauty that lies in the meanings of each song.


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