Analyst warns of resistance if lockdown continues

Written by on 9 April, 2020

Many South Africans are complying with the current Covid-19 lockdown regulations.

But political analyst, André Duvenhage, warns that there may be unrest if the lockdown is extended.

He says the situation is becoming more and more uncomfortable, especially for poor people who are dependent on a daily or weekly wage.

Duvenhage warns that as many as 4 million jobs could be lost as the economic crisis deepens.

“We can expect more resistance if the lockdown is going to continue. My take on it is that the better decision will be to end the lockdown on the 16th of April. There is however another concern that the ANC government may use this corona crisis to defy the moral high ground and secure money and loans.”

Meanwhile the World Health Organisation has emphasised that lifting lockdown restrictions too early could cause countries to end up at square one.

Spokesperson, Christian Lindmeier, compares it to a person being sick and getting out of bed too early and getting on with normal life.

Such a person risks falling back and having complications.

The organisation has, however, not given a blanket recommendation on when and how to lift the restrictions.

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