As we build up to Freedom Day, we had a chat with our very own Heazy on what this prominent day means to him

Written by on 26 April, 2023

As South Africa commemorates Freedom Day tomorrow the 27th of April, Gagasi FM, as one of the province most popular radio stations, we sat down with one of own, Siyabonga Madida known as Heazy, to discuss what Freedom Day means to him. Heazy is the GFM Drive radio presenter, a well-known DJ, brand ambassador and influencer within the Durban entertainment scene. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on the significance of Freedom Day, its importance, reflecting on his own journey and the betterment of this holiday.

  1. Tomorrow is Freedom Day, as a young South African creative, how free are you? 

Am I free? That’s the question? Freedom… the term may be used loosely… however I can’t really shy away from the fact that things are better than they were before 1994. But as far as freedom is concerned, a lot still needs to be done for South Africans to start enjoying the real true essence of freedom.

  1. As Free as the Constitution of South Africa say we are, how would you define being free in your community, workplace or at events you are invited to?

One of the painful things I still struggle with. Is the fact that, as South Africans when we start making money and being progressive in our careers, we move away from our homes, where most of us grew up which is the township. However, you must remember we were put there against our will. So, I will understand why we move away from those areas.

It becomes hard to adapt to the communities that we move in to, because we just not accustomed to the rules and regulations. It’s quite a struggle for most people, because till today, a life of a fully black person will never be understood by the next race yet we’ve existed with other races for years on end.

Language is such a powerful tool and as long as there are restrictions put in place. It means that somewhere, somehow there’s discrimination there.

  1. Tomorrow is labelled as a prominent holiday, what will you be up to throughout the day? 

There’s no rest for the black child I’m afraid. Even on holidays we need to work because, unfortunately for us we don’t come from generational wealth. So yeah, I’ll be working. And I’m happy with that opportunity.

  1. What more needs to be done, for the betterment of the country, looking at some of the issues we are currently facing? 

The youth of South Africa need to understand that, our parents have taken us this far, it’s up to us now, what we do to get on to the next stage … and. I get so emotional when I come across people who are eligible to vote saying, they don’t partake. Not voting means you’re cool with how situations are now. And if we’re being honest, what’s there to be happy about … before we set our eyes on the leaders and our government, what have we done as the youth. It’s up to us now.


  1. Name some of the people who inspire you into living freely, while paving the way for the next generation of people? 

There’s this guy called, Denetric Malope and his younger brother. They’ve literally broke every rule you can think of, not from big cities, but a small town, and they are currently pushing the envelope within the modelling scene overseas. What a story. And there’s no noise, just work and results. I’m inspired. Not because, I want to be in the modelling industry, but the fact that they are doing it on that level, which is saying to us anything is indeed possible.


  1. What’s your Freedom message to those who are inspired by the continuous contributions you’ve laid in the Media, Entertainment and Lifestyle industry? 

The time to be afraid is over, the time of thinking, we still have time is over. You’re existing now. Now is the time to start. Failure is part of the journey. Steady growth is still growth, work on yourself, because you can’t keep pouring from an empty cup. Please look around you and be inspired, your Trevor Sturman’s, Denetric Malope, your Uncle Waffles, Zozibini Tunzi, Siya Kolisi, Themba Bavuma’s, read about them you will realize we have a lot in common, all they did was to start. Collaborating and being United makes us a force!!! Good luck.

Happy “Freedom” Day in advance!

Heazy’s insights on Freedom Day are a reminder of the importance of this holiday and the ongoing struggle for freedom and equality in South Africa. The interview also highlights the role that media personalities like Heazy play in engaging with their communities and facilitating important conversations. Lets do more and partake in the change.


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