Bury Your Loved Ones As Soon As Possible – Mkhize

Written by on 29 December, 2020

National Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has urged families to bury their loved ones as soon as possible, as he says waiting longer could contribute to spreading Coronavirus.

Mkhize formed part of the National Coronavirus Command Council media briefing which elaborated on Level 3 COVID-19 restrictions, regulations and enforcement.

He says it’s understandable that families want to grieve their loved ones adding that they need to do so while preserving their own lives.

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The funeral parlours’ sector also agrees with the minister saying they’ve increased their human resources and storage capacity to bear the burden.

President of National Funeral Professionals Association of SA Muzi Hlengwa and Icebolethu Group’s Nkosenhle Hlophe elaborate.

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