Cosatu slams retailers for hiking food prices

Written by on 23 April, 2020

Trade Union federation, Cosatu, has slammed retail outlets across the country, for taking advantage of the situation by hiking the prices.

Currently 11 retail outlets across the country, are under investigation by the National Consumer Commission and the Competition Commission for price hikes

Cosatu Secretary, Edwin Mkhize, says they are calling for a swift investigation to such unjustified price increases.

Adding that South Africa is already in a critical state as more people are facing to loose their jobs or not get paid.

“We are urging the government to look at is the matter of food price hikes. We think they should work closely with the Competition Commission. Store owners who are hiking food prices during this time should be face consequences. It cant be that the petrol price is dropping but food prices are going up.”

Meanwhile the Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association, FITA, says it will be proceeding with legal action against the government regarding the ban on cigarette sales.

The association submitted a letter to the Presidency on Monday, requesting clarity on how the sale of cigarettes is connected to the spread of the coronavirus.

Following government’s failure to respond to their demands by yesterday, FITA’s spokesperson, Sinenhlanhla Mnguni, says the association will now be heading to court.

“Cigarettes are still being sold, the regulations as far as we are concerned in terms of our interpretation permit the sale of cigarettes. The so called law that’s been valued about is really an interpretation of certain cabinet ministers which we feel in incorrect and we are now approaching a court to say you have the power to interpret these regulations and we are now calling on you to interpret these regulations.”


By : Sthulile Mdletshe


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