Did this guy steal Zakes’ song?

Written by on 28 November, 2018

The saying goes there’s no new idea under the sun. But what does one do when it becomes painfully clear that someone has crossed the line of inspiration and stepped into the murky waters of straight theft?

This is the unfortunate situation Zakes Bantwini found himself in recently when his 2011 hit ‘Clap Your Hands’ was seemingly copied by rising West Africa singer Dremo. The ‘new’ version of the song by Dremo is titled ‘Bigger Meat’ and appears to borrow a lot of elements from the original Zakes song. To make things worse word has it there was no contact between Dremo’s team and Zake’s publishers which left Zakes with no option but to consider legal action

Dremo, who is signed to Davido’s record label, is yet to respond but as of today 23 November, the song was still available on music platforms and appears to not yet have been served a copyright notice.

Give the two tracks a listen and let us know if you think they sound alike.

What would you do if you were Zakes?

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