DJ Cleo bags a Bachelor of Arts degree at Wits University

Written by on 26 April, 2023

Tlou Cleopas Monyepao, professionally known as DJ Cleo, has graduated from Wits University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Taking to social media DJ Cleo opened up about his journey.

“My heart is full of emotion, the journey was long and tough, there were moments when I almost cried, feeling overwhelmed by the assignments, workload, loss of income due to the pandemic, divorce, heartbreak, and many other things,”

he said.

The Ndiya Ndiya hitmaker said he never gave up because giving up and failing was not an option. He added that he had too much to prove to himself, which kept him going.

“All these hardships were a great threat to my progress, comfort and ease of life was a greater threat. As I stand here with my degree in hand, I realise that I am stronger wiser and more resilient than I ever thought possible.”

He also announced that his new podcast Eskhaleni Podkhast would go live on 1 May.

This is a significant achievement, as it demonstrates DJ Cleo’s dedication to education and his commitment to personal growth. It’s important to note that he achieved this while also managing his successful career in the music industry. Completing a degree is a challenging task, and it requires a great deal of time and effort. DJ Cleo’s accomplishment is a testament to his work ethic and his ability to balance multiple responsibilities.

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