DJ Flair made the cut as the BET judge for Best International Act on the “BET AWARDS 2023” final round ballot

Written by on 7 July, 2023

The BET Awards is a highly anticipated event that celebrates excellence in music and entertainment, recognizing outstanding artists from around the world. In an exciting turn of events, Sbusiso Mthembu, better known as DJ Flair, a prominent figure in the KZN music industry, who is our Music Compiler, made the cut as a judge for the Best International Act category on the final round ballot of the prestigious BET Awards 2023. This achievement not only showcases DJ Flair’s talent and influence but also highlights the growing recognition of African music on a global stage. DJ Flair’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. With a passion for music, he started his career as a DJ and quickly gained popularity in the Durban nightlife scene. His unique style and ability to connect with different audiences allowed him to secure regular gigs at renowned clubs and events. It was during this time that he caught the attention of Gagasi FM, South Africa’s leading radio station, which recognized his talent and offered him a position as their Music Compiler.

As a colleague and Music Compiler, DJ Flair plays a pivotal role in curating the station’s music playlist, ensuring a diverse and engaging selection of tracks for their listeners. With an in-depth understanding of various music genres and a keen ear for emerging talent, DJ Flair has successfully influenced the music landscape in KZN. His contributions to promoting local artists and providing a platform for their music have made him a respected figure in the music industry.

The BET Awards, known for its commitment to recognizing and celebrating talent from the African diaspora, made an astute choice by selecting DJ Flair as a judge for the Best International Act category. This acknowledgment not only highlights his expertise and influence but also showcases the growing prominence of South African and African music globally. As a judge, DJ Flair had the responsibility of evaluating the preliminary, and final round ballot while contributing to the selection of the winner in the highly competitive Best International Act category, which was won by Nigerian singer, Burna Boy.

DJ Flair’s involvement as a judge in the BET Awards 2023 reflects the increasing recognition of African music as a powerful force in the global music industry. Over the years, African artists have gained significant traction and international acclaim, captivating audiences worldwide with their unique sounds and narratives. By providing a platform for African musicians to showcase their talent, the BET Awards continue to play a crucial role in amplifying their voices and breaking down barriers.

Well done, Flair!!!

Gagasi FM

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