DJ Maphorisa – “Nobody in SA runs the music business the way I do”

Written by on 6 June, 2023

Renowned South African DJ & Producer DJ Maphorisa brags about how he runs music business in South Africa.

The musician pays tribute to himself on Twitter, speaking about his contribution to the music industry over the past 15 years.

Been producing music for 15yrs its ok to give other kids a chance Nobody in SA runs music business the way I do, I talk big numbers I created a new business module that made aggregators to sell they companies to Major Labels Universal Bought Electromode Warner Bought Afrocori Apple Bought Platoon I shifted the market share, boss moves”. He tweeted.

These words from Dj Maphorisa offer a glimpse into his significant contributions to the music industry and shed light on his innovative approach to business. Let’s dissect the tweet to understand the impact of his actions and the paradigm shift he brought about in the South African music market.

However, Phori’s claim garnered divided tweets; as some persons endorsed his statement, while others falsified it.

One of the most significant achievements Dj Maphorisa mentions is his creation of a new business module that led aggregators to sell their companies to major labels. This move not only demonstrates his entrepreneurial prowess but also highlights his ability to recognize opportunities for growth and development within the industry.

By encouraging aggregators to sell their companies, Dj Maphorisa paved the way for major labels to acquire these entities, thereby consolidating their market share and expanding their influence.

Dj Maphorisa’s ability to influence such transformative changes in the industry is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and visionary mindset. His tweet proudly declares, “I shifted the market share, boss moves,” and it’s hard to argue against this claim. By introducing a new business module and facilitating these acquisitions, he has redefined the dynamics of the South African music scene and positioned himself as a trailblazer.






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