DSD MEC & Community Leaders Condemn Gruesome Hopewell Killings

Written by on 10 December, 2020

By: Nompendulo Ngubane

Social Development MEC Nonhlanhla Khoza says it’s disappointing that during the month of campaigns against the abuse of Women and Children, more women are being killed in the province.

Her comment follows the attack on a Hopewell family in Pietermaritzburg, where 43 year-old Khanyisile Sibiya was killed along with her two grandchildren, aged 5 and 8 years old.

Khoza has paid a visit to the Sibiya homestead in Hopewell.

The family alleges that an argument took place between the woman and her lover, who is a well-known Pastor in one of the churches in the area.

Khoza describes the murder as brutal and uncalled for.

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Community leaders and religious organisations in Hopewell, have also condemned these killings.

These community leaders have spoken to Gagasi FM News, about this incident in their area.

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