Gagasi FM Line Up 2021

Written by on 1 May, 2021

2020 was an extremely difficult year for all of us and a year that saw many industries badly impacted resulting in many people losing their jobs, which led to even more challenges. Even though the country is currently on Level 1 lockdown regulations and more sectors have opened, Gagasi FM has managed to remain stable and consistent through this very challenging time. South Africa’s number one regional commercial radio station, has remained stable with the rate of listener engagement increasing due to more people working from home, the performance of our and social media platforms has been nothing short of amazing.


When reviewing our performance for the past year and considering the season’s on-air line-up for 2021-2022, we simply could not help, asking ourselves one simple question. “If it’s not broken, why fix it” So every show on the weekday line up stays the same.  Now all we have do is up the ante.


We have a new member and new shows on our weekend line up to help us take 2021 up a notch! We would like to extend a warm welcome to Portia Maphumulo who will take one of the trainee slots.


The Gagasi FM App shows a 63% increase in subscriptions, visits and engagement. Statistics from Fabrik showed listener engagement from over 87 countries including Saudi Arabia and Russia with listeners spending over two hours daily on the App. Over three hundred food parcels were given to those in need within KZN alone alleviating some of the financial strains that many families were experiencing. Through the App, the radio station was able to still bring listeners a Virtual Red Star Experience as well as the virtual Block Party Christmas Special.  Moreover, we still managed to put well-deserving young KZN students through school in the 2021 edition of the Geleza ne Gagasi CSI campaign.


Despite the current COVD-19 pandemic, we have remained stable and consistent, ‘Konke Kuhamba ngo Layini’. Nothing lacking, nothing short. If it’s not broken we will not fix it!

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