Written by on 9 December, 2020

Gagasi FM is counting down the Top 100 songs of 2021, and we need you to help us choose the biggest song of the year and you could walk away R10 000 richer! Select your favourite song of 2021 then fill in the form below to enter. Stay tuned to Gagasi FM on the 31st of December for the Top 100 between 14:00 and 24:00 to find out if you are the lucky listener who will be walking away with the cash!

Voting starts on the 6th of December 2021 and closes on the 24th of December 2021.

After clicking on your choice you will be taken to the form below. If you would like to change your choice, simply click on another song, however when you click on ‘Submit’ your decision is final.
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After selecting your favourite song, please fill in your details and click submit below.

Please note, you can only vote once, and your vote is final after clicking the "Submit" button. You can alter your vote by clicking on a different song above, but only before clicking "Submit".

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