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Written by on 19 December, 2022

It’s that time of the year where radio stations reach out to their respective audiences to vote for their favourite song and this year is no exception. Each station has their own method of compiling their song list and voting mechanic with the focal point being the cross over song into the new year.

In compiling the Gagasi FM Top 100 voting list, careful consideration is taken regarding which songs make the list. Songs loaded during the year are sorted by spins so that the most played are automatically included with these songs making up the bulk of the list. Songs that were released towards the end of 2021 but only made an impact in 2022 are then included, their popularity corroborated by spins during the year. The balance of the list is made up of songs that were released towards the end of 2022 which have gained popularity but have not yet generated a significant number of spins due to them still being relatively new.

Voting on the Gagasi FM Top 100 kicked off on the 5th and is open until the 23rd of December with music lovers able to vote for their favourite song via the Gagasi FM website, APP and social media channels. We are of the view that each song on our Top 100 list be given an equal chance with a one vote per person limit managed by restricting the duplication of IP addresses, email addresses and cell-phone numbers.

Gagasi FM will be giving away R10 000 to one lucky listener who voted for the number one song of the year which is consistent with previous years. This year however we will be giving away an extra R10 000 throughout the Top 100 broadcast of the chart as a precursor to the R10 000 grand prize winner announcement which happens during the cross over into 2023.

The Gagasi FM Top 100 is broadcast every year on New Year’s Eve between 2pm and midnight.

  • by Mimi Kesaris (HOD: Consumer Insights and Technology at Gagasi FM)

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