Gigaba Takes a Swipe at Norma

Written by on 18 June, 2021

By: Sthulile Mdletshe

Former minister, Malusi Gigaba, who has become quite a regular at the state capture commission of inquiry has detailed how Norma Mngoma has always threatened to drag his name through the mud if he ever decided to leave her.

Giving evidence at the commission, Gigaba has made it clear that he is the one who wanted and who requested the divorce.

He has returned to the state capture’s hot seat to continue his testimony and to respond to allegations made by his enstranged wife, Mngoma about his relationship with the Guptas.

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Commission’s Chairperson, Raymond Zondo, further asked Gigaba how he says Mngoma has told the commission fabricated information because she wanted to abstract a divorce settlement and that she didn’t succeed, more so for someone he has alluded is living a modest life.

“Mngoma has money, I have no doubt about it, she has plenty of it, but this is someone who loves money and someone who always wants more of it,” responds Gigaba.

Gigaba further confirmed that Mngoma had inherited money from her deceased fiancé.


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