Gigi Lamayne shares on why she is inspired by Kwesta’s musical journey

Written by on 20 June, 2023

Award winning musician Gigi Lamayne opens up on being inspired by Kwesta’s Musical Journey. Not all famous artists have figured things out on their own; rather, many of them have drawn inspiration from their environment. The same is true with South African rappers, as some of them have drawn inspiration from others who have persevered for a long time in a competitive music industry.

Speaking during an interview with DJ Fresh, Gigi Lamayne shared how Kwesta‘s musical journey inspired her. Gigi stated that Kwesta did not give up, rather he tried many times until his career changed following the release of Ngud’.

“Like I just want to say, I’ve always been like inspired by Kwesta’s journey,” she said. “He tried many times and then Ngud’ happened then for me like my Ngud’ moment didn’t come, everyone says like, Ice Cream was a debut, it wasn’t the Ngud’ moment,” said Gigi Lamayne.

The Ice Cream hitmaker also delved into how she’s feeling considering the progress she has made so far in her rap career. “It’s nice over here, it’s really nice over here,” Gigi said. “I just wish I could shake my booty a little more and just speak a little more and laugh a little more. Because I’m okay with the fact that I had to lose a lot to be able to gain the little of what I have.”


The rapper has been working on numerous projects this year. Gigi is amongst the local stars to be cast in Disney Plus SA’s animation series titled Kizazi Moto Generation Fire. When it comes to music, the Mashonisa chanter is on the verge of dropping a project, but in the interim, she announced a single featuring Lady Du that she is dropping this week.

After being in the entertainment industry for a decade, rapper Gigi Lamayne has grown in leaps and bounds from the naive woman Mzansi met years ago.

The rapper told TimesLive, she is  finally finding her feet as an independent artist has been her career’s biggest highlight because even though it wasn’t easy she did everything the way she wanted and it’s working out.

“Becoming independent is my biggest highlight and biggest flex because hits like Fufa featuring King Monada happened when I was independent. It happened when I was taking my power back and my career went upwards from then and is still going up.”

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