Inkabi Zezwe has now gone platinum with their hit song ‘Umbayimbayi’

Written by on 13 April, 2023

South African music has always been rich and diverse, with a range of talented artists producing outstanding work across a variety of genres. One group of artists that has recently made waves in the industry is Inkabi Zezwe, Big Zulu, and Sjava, who have just achieved a major milestone with their hit song ‘Umbayimbayi’ going platinum. The duo released ‘Umbayimbayi‘ on March 24th, 2023, and it quickly became a chart-topping single after capturing the hearts of many fans nationwide.

The song, which features the distinctive and powerful vocals of these two artists, has captured the hearts of fans across South Africa and beyond. Its infectious beat and catchy chorus have made it a firm favourite on radio stations and streaming platforms alike, and its success is validation to the immense talent of the duo.

The achievement of going platinum is no mean feat, and it is a testament to the popularity and impact of the song. It signifies that ‘Umbayimbayi’ has sold over 30,000 units & over 60 million streams, this is a significant achievement in an era where streaming dominates the music industry. The song has been certified by the Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA), which oversees the certification of music sales in the country.

Inkabi Zezwe, Big Zulu, and Sjava have been making waves in the South African music industry for some time now, and their collaboration on ‘Umbayimbayi’ has been one of their most successful projects yet. The trio’s unique styles and creative energy combine to create a powerful and memorable track that has resonated with fans across the country.

‘Umbayimbayi’ is a clear fan-favourite, and the announcement of the hit song going gold has intensified anticipation and excitement for the forthcoming album by the super duo.

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