Jaden Smith has launched an innovative vegan food truck that feeds the homeless for free

Written by on 16 May, 2023

The truck is part of “a movement that is all about giving people what they deserve,” according to Smith.

In a world where kindness and innovation intersect, Jaden Smith, the multi-talented actor, musician, and philanthropist, has embarked on a remarkable endeavour. He has recently launched an innovative food truck, dedicated to providing nutritious meals to the homeless community, completely free of charge. Jaden’s compassionate initiative not only addresses the pressing issue of hunger, but also promotes a sustainable and ethical approach to food. Let’s delve into the details of this inspiring project and the positive impact it is making.

On Sunday, the day before his 21st birthday, the rapper opened a free food truck to feed the homeless in Los Angeles. Smith set up shop on Skid Row and opened the I Love You Restaurant, which serves “healthy, vegan food for free,” according to Smith’s Instagram account.

Smith set up shop in the downtown L.A. neighborhood and provided brown paper bags packed with food.

The @ILoveYouRestaurant Is A Movement That Is All About Giving People What They Deserve, Healthy, Vegan Food For Free,” Smith wrote on Instagram.

People Magazine stated that: Los Angeles has a homeless population of approximately 50,000, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

“This is so dope… I love what you are doing man. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾” comedian Kevin Hart commented on one of Smith’s Instagram videos.

“Love this so much, you’re helping change the world for humans and animals ❤️” PETA’s Instagram page commented on the same video.

Smith’s Instagram posts also drew praise from a handful of other celebrities, like Nick Cannon, Sofia Richie, SZA, Kid Ink and YG.

Smith recently took part in Shia LaBeouf’s fundraiser last week in a charity to support the arts.

Smith is familiar with starting charitable businesses, having launched a water company called JUST water, which installed a filtration system in Flint, Michigan, and has four more systems planned for installation soon.


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