JR Bogopa spearheads new record label, Feel Good CSR

Written by on 12 July, 2023

JR Bogopa and Chris Ghelakis have announced the successful completion of their partnership. The two record companies, Feel Good Music, founded by JR and legendary record company, CSR Records, founded by Chris Ghelakis, will now operate under the new banner Feel Good CSR.

The two companies collectively own hold some of South Africa’s most significant copyrights, including Kabelo Mabalane, TK, Twistyle, Mdu Masilela, Teargas, Shane Eagle, DBN Gogo, Yanga Chief, Beyond Vocal, and Jobe London to name a few. The merger brings together the unique strengths of both companies, creating a more comprehensive and dynamic record label that will have a significant impact on the South African music industry.

JR Bogopa, who will lead the company as Managing Director, said: “This partnership represents a significant step forward for our company. We are thrilled to be joining forces with CSR and Chris, who have an outstanding history in the industry. With our combined strengths, we are confident that we will be able to deliver even greater value to our artists and continue to grow our business.”

The new company is poised to make a huge mark, by not only building African global superstars, but by also exporting African music and artists to the rest of the world. This task starts now, as the newly merged record company, has been announced as the new label partner to sign the winners of the popular South African TV show, Idols.

Well done JR!!!!!

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