Kubhidlike Omunye Umhlangano Womkhandlu Kwabhuntsha Ukukhethwa KweMeya

Written by on 23 November, 2021

By: Bongani Gina

The DA, EFF and IFP at uMhlathuze are accusing ANC Councillors of trying to come with derailing and delaying tactics to evade voting of the Speaker, Mayor and Deputy Mayor from taking place.

The IFP is contesting the ANC in this economic hub in the North Coast.

In uMhlathuze the ANC has 27 seats in the council (40%) while the IFP has 23, DA has 8, EFF 6 and other 3 parties 1 seat respectively.

Police had to be called in and the presiding officer who is the Municipal Manager, Lulamile Mapholoba, at some point had to adjourn the sitting after what is suspected to be a teargas or pepper spray was been unleashed in the council chamber.

The ANC has accused the Mapholoba of being biased to the IFP and is therefore calling for his recusal.


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