Lira celebrates her speech recovery

Written by on 20 July, 2023

South African musician Lerato Moipone Molapo better known as Lira is celebrating the progress made in her speech recovery after suffering a stroke while travelling in March 2022.

In a recent post shared on Instagram by the singer and songwriter, attending an event invite by mobile network operator MTN for Career and Wellbeing week, the singer gave an inspirational speech on her stroke recovery.

This is not the first that Lira gives an update regarding her health. As from last year, the award-winning artist has shared frequent updates about her health and the progress that she has made.

“I was invited to MTN – 2023 Career and Wellbeing Week to give a inspirational talk on my stroke recovery,” she shared.

Despite having a speech impairment, Lira went on to say that she is still “able to communicate” and tell her story to larger audiences.

The singer additionally spoke about her experience and how much she enjoys telling her story.

“I may have a speech impediment but I’m able to communicate. I love sharing my story. Last year this time I was learning to speak, now I can communicate and address groups of people,” said Lira.

Many people flooded her comment section with words of encouragement and also thanked her for her inspiring testimony.

One social media user: “What a moving story and you are carrying it with such ease, positivity, courage and resilience. Truly inspiring 👏👏👏.”

“Your journey to recovery is reaching so many of us. Thanks for sharing your experiences. You will be okay. It’s overwhelming but manageable experience,” wrote another user.

“Wow 🤯 what a testimony Miss LIRA 🙏🏽❤️,” wrote another Instagram user.

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