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Khulekani is the co-Hosts of The Mid Morning Hangout which airs from Monday to Friday at 09h00 to 12h00

Khulekani is a PK born and bred in Ntuzuma in Durban and was raised with his three brothers by both his parents. At the age of 21 after having attended church for almost all his life. He accepted the lord and founded a personal relationship with him for myself.

He then got to develop a calling that had been lying dormant inside him, and that was to speak inspiration and motivation to his peers and began to seek platforms to spread the message of hope and in2017 joined Gagasi FM where he gets a great opportunity to do exactly that. he speaks inspiration and motivate across the province of KZN influencing one person at a time helping and making them a better version of themselves.

He is a firm believer that everyone has something to offer to the world. A gift or talent and uses basic life principles to fine tune the mind engaging the listener to manifest greatness.

Khulekani is a growing Motivational speaker, Programme director and Public speaker.



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