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Njabs Zwane is the producer and co-host of the I Love Mornings, weekdays between 06h00 and 09h00. Njabs is a proud product of Ladysmith, which is where she was born and bred before moving to Durban to join Gagasi FM in 2012. This young lady holds a diploma in Radio Production which was evident when she was nominated in the Best Content Producer category at the 2015 MTN Radio Awards. In 2017 she was inducted into the Liberty Radio Awards as a Bright Star in the industry.


“I love the immediacy and creativity that radio allows. Our show is youthful, provocative and colourful. There is a lot of research that goes with preparations, facts have been checked and double-checked. As a producer, my job is to make sure the team is prepared and informed about what we’ll be sharing on the show. So, I can NEVER allow any of my team members to go on air ill-prepared,” says Njabs. She says what she finds to be most challenging about her job is people not respecting time. “Anything that disrupts how I’ve planned my clock, it throws me off completely and that has a high possibility of affecting the show,” she says.


“I love the immediacy and creativity that radio allows. It’s unlike any other broadcast medium.”


Other than radio, Njabs is also a sought after voice artist, corporate event host, travel, beauty and food enthusiast as well as the founder of a social book and wine club, Well Red. Given the chance, Njabs would be eager to host a dinner with media mogul and humanitarian Oprah Winfrey, actress and singer Eartha Kitt and world renowned chef Gordon Ramsey.



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