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Njabs Zwane

Njabs Zwane is the producer and co-host of I love mornings with Mzokoloko weekdays between 06h00 and 09h00. Njabs used to be a magazine features writer before the demands of prime-time radio got the better of her. “I love the immediacy and creativity that radio allows.”

Our show is youthful, provocative and colourful. There is a lot of research that goes with preparations, facts have to be checked and double-checked. As a producer, my job is to make sure the team is prepared and informed about what we’ll be sharing on the show. So, I can NEVER allow any of my team members to go on air ill-prepared.” She says what she finds to be most challenging about her job is people not respecting time. “Anything that disrupts how I’ve planned my clock, throws me off completely and that has a high possibility of affecting the show.”

Her best on-air moment, to date, was when they hosted Octavia Malevu who was imprisoned in Thailand for 18 years after being caught smuggling drugs out of the country in 1994. “It was an emotional interview for everyone involved but the realness and rawness of it makes it one of the best moments to date.” Njabs says what inspires her is the listeners thirst to receive information the creative way. Other than radio, Njabs is also an MC for corporate events and a fitness fanatic, she is looking at hosting fitness programmes in the future.