Mkhize calls on everyone to protect themselves and others against covid-19

Written by on 12 June, 2020

The Health Minister says South Africans will need each other for a very long time as the country battles against Covid-19.

The minister, Zweli Mkhize, says this not the time to be complacent, as the virus is stronger than ever.

The minister has been addressing media during a working visit to the Eastern Cape.

Mkhize had also emphasised the importance of changing ones behavior.

He says the easing of regulations under the different levels, is giving the country, its people and the economy a chance at survival adding that a lowered level only means stricter safety rules for individuals.

On health workers and the problems, they are facing, the minister says they are doing all they can to ensure personal protective equipment don’t run out, but has warned workers to use their allocated masks sparingly by not taking more for home travel.

Mkhize says Covid-19 numbers will continue to grow therefore working together as communities, health, government and organisations in general is important.

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