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Before you enter the competition please read competition rules below:

  1. By entering the competition and/or accepting any prize (if you are a winner), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. The outcome of the competition is subject to the decision of the judge, presenter or organizer of the competition, whose decision is final. No negotiations and or correspondence will be entered into after the fact
  3. Participants / listeners enter into and take part in competitions at their own risk and Radio iGagasi 99.5FM (Pty) Ltd bears no responsibility for any loss, damage or harm suffered as a result of participation in any of Radio iGagasi 99.5FM (Pty) Ltd’s competition;
  4. The MYKZN Competition is brought to you by Tourism Kwa-Zulu Natal and will run from the 11th of June 2020 till the 25th of June 2020 on Gagasi FM.
  5. The Competition will be played on; The Uprising (6am-9am),
  6. To enter the competition, listeners must:
    1. Visit Facebook and find the MYKZN Facebook group that belongs to Tourism Kwa-Zulu Natal
    2. Press the join button to join the MYKZN Facebook group
    3. Write about their favourite destination in KZN, include pictures and or video/s of their visit. Entrants are to tag their post on the group with; #MYKZN #GagasiFM to enter
  7. Every Thursday, The Uprising team will call back two lucky entrants who entered the competition (entrants will be chosen by Tourism Kwa-Zulu Natal as they administer the group)
  8. The two entrants will share with The Uprising team, which destination they spoke about on the Facebook group, and try to make the team ‘see KZN through their eyes’. The presenters will then deliberate who sold their destination well to them and announce 1 winner
  9. Entrants must be available to go on-air at the competition moment and their telephone lines need to be clear in order to interact with the presenters
  10. Prize: R1500 cash that they will use towards their next holiday in KZN
  11. Prizes are not transferable
  12. Cash prizes will be distributed by Gagasi FM and Gagasi FM will not be held liable for any damages
  13. Winners need to provide Gagasi FM with their banking details and a copy of their identity document in order to claim the prize.
  14. Cash prizes will be transferred electronically into the winner’s nominated bank account and Gagasi FM will not be held liable for moneys transferred into incorrect accounts that are provided by the winners.
  15. Winners have 5 business days from being contacted, to submit their banking details and a copy of their Identity Document to Gagasi FM to claim their prize.
  16. Gagasi FM will distribute the prizes between the; 26th of June till the 26th of September 2020
  17. No entries by post or any other form will be accepted by Gagasi FM.
  18. Gagasi FM reserves the right to disqualify any entrant suspected of fraud, cheating including without limitation through the manipulation of codes or otherwise falsifying data.
  19. Entries which contain errors will be invalid.
  20. Any entries received after the competition moment will not be eligible to participate in the competition, regardless of the reason for the late entry. Gagasi FM is not liable for any technical failure that may result in an entry not being successfully submitted.
  21. You will be disqualified if:
  • You are under the age of 18 at the time of entering the competition
  • You have won a competition conducted by Radio iGagasi 99.5FM (Pty) Ltd in the past three months

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