Newly Re-Elected Chad President Dies

Written by on 20 April, 2021

By: Mfundo Mabaso

Republic of Chad newly re-elected President, Idriss Deby, has died.

Derby succumbed to injuries he received while commanding his army in battles against rebels.

President Deby had just won his sixth term by 79.32%, in the latest provisional results that were released by the commission on Monday, having been president since 1990.

Army Spokesperson, General Azem Bermandoa Agouna confirmed his death on state television, adding that the son of the deceased Chadian leader, General Mahamat Kaka, has been named the interim head of state.

According to his Campaign manager, Mahamat Zen Bada, Deby had postponed his victory speech and instead went to visit Chadian soldiers battling insurgents.


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