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Written by on 12 October, 2021


Are you a ‘Now’ person who gets things done right away, no questions asked, or are you a ‘Now Now’ person who takes their time and is easy going? If You’re a ‘Now’ person then you probably always have a plan and you feel more secure knowing you’re totally in control. If you’re a ‘Now Now’ person then  you’re easy going and know how to manage your stress with a bit of now now.
Which do you think you are?

Complete one of our fun surveys to find out whether you’re a ‘Now’, or a ‘Now Now’ person

To find out if you’re a ‘Now’ or a ‘Now Now’ kind of lady take our Female Survey here.

Now Now Female Survey


Discover whether you’re the ‘Now’ or a ‘Now Now’ Type of guy here.

Now Now Male Survey

Have Fun!

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