Obees Brands – Gagasi FM 15th Birthday SMME Competition Winner

Written by on 22 April, 2021

Obees brands is a company that manufactures and distributes herbal products that are made from organic ingredients, in these products we have an exceptional immunizer tonic that has helped a lot of people dealing with various chronic and minor conditions. What the company does is in every store or pharmacy they supply they ensure that they hire a promoter to work there.


With that we have successfully managed to hire over 50 field promoters, area managers and even provincial managers. With the Covid pandemic hitting our shores unfortunately a lot of pharmacies had to cut our promoters thus alot of people had to stay home. Mr Obed Ngcongwane has made sure that these families are fed and ensured that there is a continuous hiring of people and sourcing of more pharmaceutical without getting a salary.

When asked about what makes him push for his business, he always answer’s that for him its always about making a difference in people’s lives, whether in the form of bringing healing or feeding tummies. That little difference for him goes a long way. However, with that being said, our Herbal Medicine is made up of Ginger, Garlic, Lemon and so which leads to Covid suppressing our business. Basically Covid has hijacked our World, it doesn’t end there but has also fluctuated the world. The inflation of ginger, garlic and lemon, has affected the business dramatically, having to buy the raws at a higher cost whilst to sell at a very low cost, to meet the demand, and consider their needs of heeling and how negatively they are affected by covid and mostly the loss of jobs.


But most importantly the donation will not help by uplifting the business from their financial state.

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