Political analyst debunks conspiracy theories over the Covid-19 pandemic

Written by on 13 May, 2020

A political analyst has debunked the conspiracy theories that surround the global outbreak of the coronavirus.

One theory is that it was created and designed to give governments around the world control over their people.

Another is that the virus was engineered in a laboratory to boost the Chinese economy, while at the same time obliterating that of other countries.

Analyst, Ralph Mathekga, says these conspiracy theories and fake news erode people’s trust in their leaders.

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Meanwhile a well-known economist has warned that the country is facing a state of human disaster and the loss of human dignity because of the current lockdown regulations.

Professor of Economics and acting Head of the Wits Business School in Johannesburg, Jannie Rossouw’s, warning come at the same time that more pressure is being put on government to open more sectors of the economy to ensure that businesses survive.

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