Riky Rick’s family launches the ‘Riky Rick Foundation’ in honour of his legacy

Written by on 8 March, 2023

The South African rapper and entrepreneur, Ricky Rick’s family, has announced the launch of the Ricky Foundation, a non-profit organization in honour of his memory. The foundation has been established to promote activism in our local society as it is in relation to what he stood for when he was still alive. He preached to the young creatives about creative freedom and how to learn to be free in your own craft without imitating anyone else as it would be your original sound.

Since his passing, the culture hasn’t been the same as there isn’t many youth members creating platforms to assist one another with opportunities if anything certain platforms are limited to a certain group of individuals of a certain level in the industry making them close inaccessible as an artist that is independent or rather starting out.

Others are rather shut out from being vocal about the actual realities of the worlds through art and this makes it highly frustrating and demotivating for certain individuals to push culture as there isn’t enough experienced individuals with the right mindset to guide creatives towards the right direction without any expectations from them if anything this goes on to show how certain individuals in power abuse their power without understand of the impact and this also tends to lead to people to play it safe in their art and at times this can kill the love or drive you have for your craft.

You can check out the official announcement of the Riky Rick Foundation below:

Ricky, who is widely regarded as one of the most successful rappers in South Africa, has been an active philanthropist throughout his career. In 2016, he launched a scholarship program for underprivileged students, which has since provided support to dozens of young people across the country. He has also been involved in various other charitable initiatives, including fundraising for cancer research and supporting local artists and entrepreneurs.

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