Sekuphephile Ukuphuza i-Similac

Written by on 8 March, 2022

By: Zilungile Mkhize

Abbott Laboratories-Nutrition has confirmed that no traces of Cronobacter Sakazakii, a bacterium that can cause severe food-borne illness in infants, have been reported in South Africa.

The company conducted an immediate investigation after four consumer complaints were received in the United States, sparking international outrage from mothers.

It says the investigation found Cronobacter was detected in the factory in non-product contact areas, while Salmonella Newport was not detected anywhere in the plant.

Complaints surfaced following the detection of the bacterium in infants who had consumed powder baby formula manufactured at a Michigan factory in the US.

Two weeks ago Abbott Nutrition initiated a voluntary recall of Similac Alimentum 400G baby formula in South Africa as a precaution, even though no cases had been reported in the country.

The affected product was manufactured in March and May 2021, with expiry dates April 1st 2023 and June 1st 2023.

Abbott Laboratories-Nutrition has assured the public that they conduct extensive quality checks on each completed batch of infant formula, including micro-biological analysis prior to release.

It adds that no distributed product has tested positive for either bacteria.

The company says retained samples related to the complaints for both Cronobacter and Salmonella Newport tested negative.


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