Showmax Sex & Pleasure

Written by on 9 March, 2023

The Sex & Pleasure documentary on Showmax, will open your mind.
It’s fascinating, enlightening, and insightful.
You will definitely learn something new!

New episodes drop weekly with each one focusing on a different aspect of sex such as parenting, age, love & marriage, disability, religion, sex & money, drugs and more.

Join the conversation on #SexAndPleasure with Kim Windvogel and Romantha Botha, as they uncover how South African’s explore and experience sex in their daily lives, now showing only on @Showmaxonline.

Catch more about Sex And Pleasure on Indaba with Alex: Sex Talk every Thursday at 7pm.
Follow the social media conversation by following @ShowmaxOnline and use #SexAndPleasure.

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