Sjava reaches Over 7.7 Million Streams In Five Days for His Latest Album ‘Isibuko’

Written by on 2 February, 2023

Award-winning singer- songwriter Sjava has done it again. Numbers don’t lie and so is the astonishing amount of success which is his latest album, ‘Isibuko’.

A special body of work was released on Friday last week, having mzansi singing to every lyrics, while relating to the inspiration behind every song title.

Sjava took to socials to express his gratitude to his supporters as he shared the stream update:

Fans express their excitement for Indlalifa and applaud him for this massive achievement:

Our favourite track would be Track No 3. Kube Ngangazi, ‘A tail of young girl’s regret’.

With Isibuko getting positive reviews, plus some of the artists who were featured on the project being applauded for delivering, we’ve got to admit that Sjava is ghost.

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