Skwatta Kamp drops their 7th and final album, ‘SVN’

Written by on 28 April, 2023

Legendary South African Hip-Hop group Skwatta Kamp have just released their seventh studio album which is also their last. Titled ‘SVN’ (pronounced ‘seven’), the album recognizes the seven rappers that held the group’s core, while paying homage to the uncensored and rebellious young spirit that would have seen the SVN (sex, violence & nudity) restriction being parentally advised on anything the Kamp would release.

On the build up to this album release, they posted on social media with the caption:

When we started on this journey, we didn’t imagine the game would take such a positive trajectory. Thank you to the people’s support, artists, promoters, journalists, videographers, tv shows, radio, and labels for believing in the culture and taking it to new heights!! – #skwattakampofficial

They gave us ‘Landela’, ‘Umoya’, ‘Rau Rau’, ‘Manyisa’, ‘Eskhaleni’, and dropped an infectious beat that moved and united South Africans with ‘The Clap Song’. 2023 marks the eve of a fifteen-year hiatus since the last SK studio album.

The murder of Nkululeko Habedi, affectionately known as Flabba, inspired the group to give life to the upcoming studio album and the COVID related passing of Nish (after a great deal of his contribution including naming the album) made it a critical matter that ‘SVN’ is made available to the public ASAP. ‘SVN’ is a tribute to the group’s long-time friendship, experiences, dreams, and shared conversations.

“What holds us together as a group and moves us to keep going is our common ambition to educate through music, the love and respect for each other, our people (music enthusiasts), our sense of family within the group and the unending desire to share different perspectives through our life’s journey with the music community. With this album, expect the same honesty and magic you have come to know and love us by.”

said SK member, Bozza

Tracks List:

1. Skwatta Kamp – Keep Shining ft. Max-Hoba DOWNLOAD

2. Skwatta Kamp – Umama Akekho ft. Assessa, Payseen DOWNLOAD

3. Skwatta Kamp – There You Go DOWNLOAD

4. Skwatta Kamp – Mfana Ka Gogo DOWNLOAD

5. Skwatta Kamp – In The Name of Love ft. Aewon Wolf DOWNLOAD

6. Skwatta Kamp – Risking It All DOWNLOAD

7. Skwatta Kamp – Indaba iLa DOWNLOAD

8. Skwatta Kamp – O.G ft. Junior DOWNLOAD

9. Skwatta Kamp – Like This DOWNLOAD

10. Skwatta Kamp – Gimme Gimme DOWNLOAD

11. Skwatta Kamp – Holiday DOWNLOAD

12. Skwatta Kamp – Leave Me Alone DOWNLOAD

13. Skwatta Kamp – Turbo DOWNLOAD

‘SVN’ is a fitting end to Skwatta Kamp’s illustrious career. The album is an astonishing success, especially to the group’s dedication to creating music that has a positive impact on their listeners. Skwatta Kamp has always been a voice for the voiceless, and their final album is no different.

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