[CLOSED] Steers Got Cheese Competition

Written by on 26 November, 2021



Let’s bump the cheese up!

The NEW Got Cheese King Steer Burger Meal gives you more cheese, and now also giving you the chance to win!

If you are the next best rapper or if your spoken word game is strong, then you could win with Steers and the brand new Got Cheese King Steer Burger! Cos if you got cheese, you can live big and eat big with a meal that gives you more cheese!

Steers will bump the cheese up by giving away R4 000 every day on THAT Drive!

To enter, WhatsApp your name to 087 240 5015 and follow the prompts.

Terms, conditions and standard rates apply.

Summer is here! That means the things that make December, Dezemba, must happen! So, while you’re living big and enjoying the vibes, don’t let hunger get in your way.
Continue living big with the big meal that gives you more cheese for your cheese. Grab the NEW Got Cheese King Steer® Burger Meal for only R89.90.
It’s a burger with 2x 100% pure beef patties topped with a slice of cheese and bacon, plus lashings of our creamy cheese sauce, and a small portion of our famous hand-cut chips.
This big, juicy and cheesy burger meal will keep you going throughout Dezemba.

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