[CLOSED] Steers Phanda Competition

Written by on 19 February, 2022


Uk’phanda can be a lot sometimes.

A long day spent at your 9 to 5 or your side hustle from 5 to 12. It can be utter PHANDAmonium!

But Steers® has just the thing to help you survive it – a share of R27 500 in cash to fuel your phanda.

Drop us a WhatsApp voice note on 0872405015 and tell us about your hustle for a chance to win.

Then tune into THAT DRIVE because they could be calling you to go head-to-head against another listener as you try guess their hustle in the fastest time to win R5000.

If they guess your hustle faster than you do theirs, you’ll walk away with R500.

Steers – Flame grilled, it just tastes better.

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