Steve Hofmeyr chased from boat cruise concert

Written by on 15 February, 2023

Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr, known for his racially divisive statements, has been booted from an MSC Cruises boat. Hofmeyr will not be part of next week’s Kappityt Festival taking place aboard the MSC Sinfonia.


He said;

I will never climb on one of their ships again.

The decision was made by the organizers of the concert, Dreamboats Events, after they received backlash from the public regarding Hofmeyr’s controversial views and past statements.

Thango Gombiza, MSC Cruises spokesperson, confirmed to News24 that Hofmeyr has been removed by the theme cruise organiser from the artist line-up.

Gombiza says;

The MSC Cruises theme cruise was organised by an independent third party, that they are solely responsible for all the details relating to the theme, including the on-board theme entertainment for its guests and for the appointment and management of artists and that this was “done in accordance with our contract in place with the third-party organiser, which requires that they comply with MSC Cruises’ values and standards.


In a new video on his Facebook page, Hofmeyr gave his political views on the State of the Nation Address (SONA), farm murders, and his appearance being canned.

MSC Cruises had to choose between their left-wing activist in Amsterdam and thousands of people – you who had booked a ticket, and people like me who’ve filled their ships for 10 years. They chose the woke snowflake.

Hofmeyr says.

He adds, “I will never climb on one of their ships again, I don’t care what they offer. I don’t like getting seasick. You can vomit at your own house. You can barf in your garden. Who needs a cabin?”

The incident highlights the ongoing debate around freedom of speech and the responsibility of event organizers to promote diversity and inclusivity. While some argue that controversial figures should be allowed to express their views, others believe that hate speech and discrimination have no place in public events. Ultimately, it is up to each individual and organization to decide where they draw the line.



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