Three Parties Have Disclosed their Funders

Written by on 9 September, 2021

By: Sanelisiwe Dlangamandla

The Independant Electoral Commission (IEC) has released its first quarterly report into the political party funding act.

IEC Vice Chairperson Janet Love says some parties and donors waited until they were reminded to make disclosures, adding that out of 504 registered political parties, 108 have responded to their request and only 3 have submitted their donor information.

Love says these include the ANC, DA and Action SA.

According to this report the ANC received R10.7 million, DA R15.9 million and Action SA received R3.3 million.

The Commission add that the EFF is one of the political parties that did not submit the disclosure information of their party donors.

Presenting the report, the Commission has sighted that other parties did not submit because they claim that they do not have donations over the amount of R100 000.

Love says according to the electoral policy, every donation over the amount of R100 000 must be disclosed and they will only take action against a political party if there’s evidence that proves that it did get a qualifying donation but didn’t disclose it.

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