Thuso Mbedu unveils cover art for new comic book

Written by on 22 February, 2023

Woman King‘s Thuso Mbedu Is Heading to Comics for a Gorgeous Afro-Fantasy. The young South African actress is giving the people what they want, Ms Mbedu has officially unveiled the cover art of the first comic book she has created with Stranger Comics.

In December, the South African-born star signed a deal with Stranger Comics to pen a new tale in the publisher’s Tales of Asunda afro-fantasy series titled Niobe: She-Tribe.

The story – co-written with Stranger Comics president Sebastian A. Jones – follows Tales of Asunda’s lead character, Niobe, as “she finds herself thrust into an ethical conflict when she encounters a tribal society that selects its new leader in a fight to the death. She finds herself up against generations of traditional customs or facing the idea of keeping herself hidden away from the world of Asunda.”

I’m so excited! It’s real! It’s happening!

she wrote on Instagram. The Woman King star added that copies of the cover art are now on sale.


Mbedu previously said she manifested her deal with Stranger Comics last year.

I remember sitting in my apartment thinking, ‘Working on a comic and working towards an anime is a must-happen for me. In this lifetime. It will be a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it.’ And then Stranger Comics happened.

Mbedu is being campaigned in the supporting actress category for her work in The Woman King.

This is to increase her chances of getting noticed in a system where the biggest names often vacuum up all of the attention. This decision does not change the inescapable fact, though, that the rest of the world is catching up. Mbedu is already a leading lady, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.


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