Trade Union Calls for the Acceleration of COVID-19 Vaccine

Written by on 5 January, 2021

Trade union, Solidarity,  has demanded that the government accelerates the provision of the COVID-19 vaccines to healthcare workers.

The union says despite the private sector helping South Africans, it is still imperative that working towards agreements to supply vaccinations to front line workers remain the first priority of the government.

The union’s Chief Executive Officer, Dirk Hermann, says there is no time anymore to wait for the slower Covax-processes.

He adds that state cannot be in control while the private sector provides the finances, as the state has a poor management record.

“During the pandemic, the government has repeatedly proven that it is not competent to take the lead. It is this incompetence that has led to the delay in obtaining the vaccine, and the government should be kept as far away from this process as possible,” says Hermann.

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