Written by on 8 February, 2023

Trevor Noah, a South African comedian and former host of The Daily Show, could not control his excitement when he met his favourite rapper Busta Rhymes at the Grammys. The Grammy host dropped mad bars and spit the legendary US rapper’s hit Party Is Going on Over Here word for word.

The clip was a hit on social media, with many fans praising Noah’s rapping abilities and calling it one of the highlights of the show. It was a testament to his versatility as an entertainer and a reminder of the limitless possibilities of the art of free-styling.

The clip of the moment for life was also posted on Twitter by JamaicaLivenew. The publication captioned its post:

When they met each, they shook hands, and Trevor said:

Busta, what it is right now, aha aha. Did you see this man tonight? That was everything. I was his biggest fan. I didn’t know that, and then I read up. We didn’t even have the internet back then. I had to find that old school. Travis Smith Jr. I was like, I will be his backup whenever he needs it. If Spliff is busy, call me.


Noah’s followers couldn’t get enough of the video clip, which saw him trending on social media:


In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Trevor Noah said:

He enjoys the challenge of hosting a live awards show. “I’m enjoying the fact that we’re juggling flaming swords,” he said.

Just putting it all together, combining different genres, getting the musicians in sync with each other and the audience, keeping the audience in tune with what’s happening. One of my favorite things about the Grammys is it is one of the few places where you get to experience artists in their rawest element, which is performing their music live.

Overall, Trevor Noah’s impromptu rap to Busta Rhymes was a fun and entertaining moment that showcased his musical talents and creative spirit. Fans are looking forward to more musical performances from the talented comedian in the future.



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