Trevor Noah weighs in on the Kim-Ye situation!

Written by on 16 March, 2022

We all know Trevor Noah as one of South Africa’s biggest export hosting the American show the Daily Show.

The Daily Show show is famous for delivering satirical news related to international and American political matters entertainingly.

Today he is topping the trending charts on the Twitter streets with his take on what he thinks the ex-married couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is going through post-divorce. Over time Kanye has become more and more like something we would allegedly call a bitter Ex, you might beg to differ.

Trevor talks about Kanye’s music video that has raised eyebrows wherein the actual music video he is chopping off the head of the man Kim is currently dating Pete Davidson; Kanye claims that it’s only “Art”. Trevor’s take is that this might make a lot of people uncomfortable since Kanye has openly come out and said he has mental problems.

The daily show host talks about how this story keeps escalating and how terrifying it is to watch sharing his view making reference to his personal experiences he experienced through seeing his mother’s dating life.

watch the video shared by the daily show of Trevor talking about the situation here now:

Could Trevor be warning us that this could turn south very fast?

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