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Written by on 13 April, 2020

The Gagasi brand continues to grow, following a rebrand exercise in 2018 that saw Gagasi FM, Gagasi Online and Gagasi Events channels coming into life, in 2019 the multi-platform offering of the brand was enhanced through effective execution of consumer engagements in each of the channels.

“We have been working very hard to streamline our new business path, and ensure that the consumer experience is consistent across all platforms. Whether the consumer is listening on-air, interacting online or attending our event, our brand must live up to their expectations and looking at how we managed to maintain stability, in terms of our listenership despite the general decline in the industry, the quality of the events we have delivered, our new website and the new App, I think we have achieved that wow factor in some areas” says Vukile Zondi, the Managing Director.

Zondi further says “Ultimately we are now at a point where we have a growing pool of insights on our target consumer and are therefore able to provide multi-channel solutions to clients that will resonate with our audience and have a meaningful impact in society” Vukile Zondi, Managing Director

Gagasi FM

Due to the quality of the station’s talent pool, the on-air product remains very dominant with both the breakfast show, “The Uprising” and the afternoon drive, “That Drive”, being the station’s biggest shows both in terms of content delivery and figures.

“As our traditional offering, on-air remains the critical component of our multi-channel offering. The biggest chunk of our consumer base is still engaging the brand on this platform so it’s very important to ensure compelling content and talent pool. Some of the content originating from on-air also feeds off to online in the form of Podcasts and Charts and these drive traffic there, so we always have to deliver what a consumer wants to hear, so that even if they have missed it on-air, they can still go and search for it online. The numbers on all platforms have been amazing” Mimi Kesaris, Head of Programming

Gagasi Online

Following the successful launch of the new website (www.gagasiworld.co.za) as part of the rebrand exercise, the new Gagasi FM App is the latest offering under Gagasi Online. In the few months since going live, there has been great impact in terms of driving consumer conversations as part of campaigns and show content.

“With majority of consumers within our target audience bracket having access to mobile, it was only necessary that we ensure brand presence within that space. Beyond just presence, we also had to ensure that the offering was appealing and interactive, keeping in mind that this is one very competitive space where a consumer is spoiled for choice. Fortunately, we are very aware of the lifestyle patterns of our target audience as well as how they relate to the brand Gagasi, so we are able to customise our offerings across all brand touch points.” Phinda Magwaza, Head of Brand

Gagasi Events

The year 2019 was arguably the most successful year for the brand in the eventing space. With all brand campaigns showing growth, two properties really stood out, Gagasi FM Red Star Experience at the Vodacom Durban July as well as the Beach Fest which kick offs the station’s summer campaign in December, Ilangil’Thola Khona.

Another brand campaign was also launched, #WeGotTalent Tour where prime time shows would tour various districts of the province doing activations and OB’s as part of introducing the new shows at the beginning of the new season.

“Events are an integral component of consumer engagement with the brand. Its where consumers experience the physical interaction with on-air talent, with artists whose music they listen to on radio and the entire entertainment value that each event presents. There is also a strong digital element associated with these events in the build-up to each and all of these elements present unique opportunities for clients that are seeking effective consumer engagement platforms.” Phinda Magwaza, Head of Brand



Gagasi FM

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