Will Smith and Martin Lawrence announce “Bad Boys 4” is on the way

Written by on 7 February, 2023

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence announced Tuesday that they are reuniting for another sequel in their “Bad Boys” franchise.

Smith took to social media with the news of “Bad Boys 4”.


After arriving at the home Smith and Lawrence ask each other “It’s about that time?” and then they say “Bad Boys for life, baby” confirming the production for the series. While the title Bad Boys for Life has already been stolen by the third movie, both Smith and Lawrence lamented and commented they should have saved that name for the fourth movie which is being referred to as Bad Boys 4 though the movie is currently untitled.

According to Variety Magazine:

The original “Bad Boys” earned $141 million worldwide, while the 2003 sequel “Bad Boys II” totalled $273 million and “Bad Boys for Life” managed to out-gross the previous two entries combined.

International reporter Collider confirms:

Currently, the movie is in the pre-production stage, and progress has been looking solid so far. At its current rate of production, we can expect the movie to be hitting theaters in early 2024. Delays can always happen, and if it was delayed until 2025 then it would be the thirty (yes, you read that correctly) year anniversary of the original film. Currently, the first two films can be streamed on Netflix and the other films are available to be purchased for various amounts on Prime and several other platforms. While there aren’t any details yet released on where or even when it would be streaming, it seems likely that Netflix has a decent chance of streaming this upcoming movie.


The looks of things show how fans are extremely excited for the return. while predicting that ‘Bad Boys’ are returning for another amazing ride.


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