[CLOSED] Win an Inverter with FNB

Written by on 31 July, 2023

FNB is continuing its journey of modernising its platform and value proposition to provide customers with helpful, easy, and safe financial services.
FNB recently refreshed its brand, digital interfaces, payment experiences, and advice-led helpful orientation to integrated financial services.
The next area of focus is on reimagining the ways in which FNB responsibly helps individuals and businesses with access to funding to meet their needs.

FNB is giving away 185 inverters nationwide.
Imagine: uninterrupted power, lights on, and smooth operations, with #FNBBusinessforChange

Nominate a small business today, and they could win big with FNB!
Visit gagasiworld.co.za, tell us about the small business you’re nominating, and how an inverter from FNB will power up their success.
Then, listen to “S’yaphanta” on The Lift Off with Njabs , Wednesday’s between 9 and 12 to see who’s won!

Submit your nomination below:


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