[CLOSED] Zam-buk® Herbal ointment

Written by on 14 April, 2020

How do you use Zam-Buk? Do you use it for bites, cuts, burns or sprains? Didyour Dad keep it in his pocket or granny in her hand bag, always struggling to find it in there? Or do you simply use it to keep your lips soft and shiny…Send us a voice-note to 061 930 0995 with your Zam-Buk memory or story, and you could stand a chance to win R5 000 in cash, every day here on The Uprising. 

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Zam-Buk. The Real Makoya.

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Zam-buk® Herbal ointment was launched in 1902 in South Africa. It is a multi-purpose herbal ointment that effectively moisturizes the lips and soothes itches, cuts, bites, burns, stings and muscular pain. It has graced South African’s pockets for over 100 years and it is entrenched in the country’s culture. It is easily recognizable and known to most. Zam-buk is the winner of the Antiseptic ointments and salves category as measured in the 2020/2021 Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands Survey. Zam-buk. The Real Makoya.

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