Zandie Khumalo writes to President Cyril Ramaphosa over Senzo Meyiwa’s case

Written by on 6 July, 2023

Zandie Khumalo writes an open letter to President Cyril in other for Senzo Meyiwa’s murder case to get prioritized.

The football star was shot dead on the 26th of October 2014 at the house of Kelly Khumalo’s mother during a house robbery.

Meyiwa was dating Kelly and she’s suffered cyberbullying since he got killed as people demand justice for his death.

In the open letter sent to Cyril, Zandie appreciated the president for being interested in the case and ensuring that something was done with the ill judge Tshifhiwa Maumela who is now replaced by Judge Ratha Makgoatleng.

The mother-of-one states that she is a witness on the murder case and has been cooperative with the court, alongside her family members.

The essence of the letter is to plead with the President in ensuring that the murder case is prioritised and fast-tracked so that Senzo’s family can get closure and other people can be relieved.

“This morning I wrote to the President of The Republic of South Africa and I also copied the office of the Chief Justice on the email, and this is a copy of the letter before they feed u lies oNtabakayikhonjwa,” she captioned the post.


Read the full letter below: 

She wrote: “Mr President, a life was lost on that fateful night and it has been a long painful eight years for families that were and are still very much affected by the incident, let me speak for my family at least …

“My family [Khumalo family] has done everything in its power to assist the law officials solve this case and it has been deemed not sufficient by some, but trust me Mr President, it hasn’t been by lack of trying and we will continue to avail ourselves and continue to assist where we can.

“I would love to say we were at the wrong place at the wrong time Mr President, but we were not, we were at home having an amazing time with friends and family, we were at a place where we thought we were safe, but it was clearly not safe enough for us and certainly not safe enough for Senzo.

“Mr President, the reason I’m writing to you this letter is because I have a plea that I would like to make to you … I would like to request a serious prioritisation of the Senzo Meyiwa case moving forward.”

Khumalo wrote further: “My biggest wish would be to try and put a bit of pace to the proceedings of this case.

“I would like for the sake of the families who haven’t found closure after so long to request that one court is earmarked specifically for this case, a specific law team is also appointed to deal with nothing else but this case, and this case is in court from Monday to Friday up until it is concluded and a verdict has been given.

“During my media blackout application that I made at the Pretoria High Court, it was quite evident that the whole country has an interest in this case, so putting measures in place to ensure that the case moves at a much faster pace wouldn’t be a bad thing for everyone involved.

“I have been on that stand, Mr President, and it is not a nice place to be, but I would do it again with emotions running high for however many days if it means solving this case quicker.

“It is a traumatic experience to relive that day in front of the whole country, but what choice do have, I, like many South Africans, would like to see justice for Senzo.”

Khumalo contends that it has been a long time since Meyiwa died and since the authorities started investigating the case, stating that it is bizarre to say there is insufficient evidence for justice to finally be served.

She added that it is time the state discontinues the purported culture of postponing the matter: 

“Mr President, I know this might not be the normal or traditional way of doing things, but I do feel it will help greatly the people affected by this case, people have been bleeding for eight years, Mr President, and prolonging and dragging this case even more won’t help them in any way.

“Insults have been hurled, accusations have been thrown and theories have been created, so it is in the best interest of the country at large that the case is prioritized and fast-tracked.

“It has been eight years, Mr President, and no one can say they don’t have enough evidence, all critical and required evidence have been collected and have been analysed, so let the court run its course uninterrupted. It is about time.

“Mr President, I think I speak for almost everyone when I say, the postponements, delays and breaks have been more than enough, and it is time we completely do away with them.”



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