Amanda Black Returns To Her Roots In New Album ‘From My Soil To Yours’ OUT NOW!

Written by on 17 November, 2023

Afro soul has consistently housed some of the best local musical talents.

This fraternity of sound was always more focused on the potency of their work and the popularity was simply a bi-product and more times than not, for artists who are considered niche, this popularity extends overseas.

Every now and then an artist can strike a balance. One of these prolific artists is singer and songwriter Amanda Black. Amanda is looking to keep her fans engaged with a new ALBUM, ‘From My Soil To Yours’  which is out for downloads.

The album will comprise of 11 songs which Amanda took a fair amount of time to craft in between this opus and her last outing, which was the 2021 release of the warmly received Mnyama. That was a timeless offering and the murmurs surrounding this latest piece allude to it being more of the same stellar work.


The 30-year-old looked to combine sounds and outlooks on this new project, “It’s really a fusion of different sounds, R&B, Afro and various elements instrumentally as well.”

There are two singles from My Soil To Yours that have been released. The March release of Nguwe was the first offering and a few days ago she unveiled Love Is Mahala.

In an interview with DRUM Magazine, Amanda said; “I’ve really just been slowing down, writing music, just living and loving my life. I’ve come to understand that my music evolves as I evolve as a human and as a spirit.

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