Bello no Gall Release their EP tilted: Gqom To Another LEVEL VOL 1

Written by on 27 November, 2023

In a vibrant showcase of Gqom, the South African music duo Bello no Gallo has released their latest project, “Gqom To Another Level, Vol.1”. The EP is a testament to the genre’s evolving soundscape, featuring a collection of tracks that promise to bring a new edge to the dance floors. With their consistent effort and dedication to the craft, Bello no Gallo has curated a selection of songs that not only resonate with the core fans of Gqom but also aim to reach a broader audience.


The EP, which is now available for streaming and download, includes collaborations with notable figures like DJ Tira and The Elevatorz, adding a layer of richness to the project. The duo’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of Gqom is evident in this release, as they blend traditional rhythms with contemporary influences, creating an electrifying auditory experience.

As the genre continues to gain momentum on the global stage, “Gqom To Another Level, Vol.1” arrives at a pivotal moment, marking Bello no Gallo’s significant contribution to the cultural tapestry of South African music. Fans and new listeners alike are invited to immerse themselves in the pulsating beats and innovative sounds that define this exciting new chapter for Gqom.



  1. Bello no Gallo – Kwenze Bah (Intro) (feat. Drama Drizzy & MusiholiQ)
  2. Bello no Gallo – Imamazi (feat. Bizizi No Kaygee & Deejay Zebra)
  3. Bello no Gallo – Muntu Wami (feat. Dladla Mshunqisi, DJ Tira & The Elevatorz)
  4. Bello no Gallo – Smoke (feat. Niseni & The Elevatorz)
  5. Bello no Gallo – Ukudla KweziGebengu (feat. Niseni & The Elevatorz)



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