Black-ish’s Anthony Anderson is still enjoying time out in Cape Town

Written by on 1 February, 2024

American actor and comedian Anthony Anderson is still having the time of his life in Cape Town as he was spotted in Rands recently.

For those who remain unaware of who Anthony is, he is best known for his leading roles in comedy series such as Andre “Dre” Johnson on a popular American sitcom called Black-ish.

After a picture of him in Rands made rounds on Facebook, many social media users took it upon themselves to joke around, some said that he probably likes it more here in South Africa than in the States while others jokingly said he finished his money so he cannot go back home.

“Kumandi eMzansi sana akafun goduka [Its nice in South Africa, he does not want to go home].”

“Sunsets and sunrises in Cape Town, South Africa. A great place for me to relax, reflect and reset! I’m setting intentions while I’m home from COMPTON to CAPE TOWN!” he also captioned.

Many other social media users shared their views as some were shocked and pleased to see the American in a local township like Khayelitsha, they wrote:

“Wow Mr Anderson eKasi. This is on some other level. #Rands.”

Another social media user said that the late Shona Ferguson would have long found him a role in his productions, “Shona Feguson ngekudala ekunike irole kwenye ye productions zakhe [Shona would have found him a role in one of his productions].”

Another one wrote, “This one is a regular at Rands now.”

Other social media users continued to share that they have been meeting with Anderson since last year which shows that he has been in Cape Town for quite some time now.

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